5 Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners in India

You can find tennis racquets in various head sizes, length, weight and grip sizes, but it is important to buy the one that suits your playing style and comfort. The wide-framed racquets would provide more power than the ones with narrow frames. But if you choose more power, you may get less control. So it is quite a difficult task to choose the tennis gear, especially when you are still mastering the game.

Given below is a comprehensive list of 5 best tennis racquets for beginners in India.

5 Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners in India

#1. Cosco DRIVE Tennis Racket

Cosco DRIVE Tennis Racket

The Cosco 25-inch tennis racket is designed for beginners who are still practicing. You can use this racket for a long time and the netting remains in place. 

The grip is quite strong and anti-slip, and that makes it the first choice of the pro and under-training players. With a head size of 100 sq. inches, this racket is one of the ace tennis gears. It is quite lightweight and provides a string tension support of up to 45 lbs. 

Along with the racket, you get a nice zipped bag that can hold up to 4 tennis balls. The sling attachment makes it easy to carry around for practice. 


  • 300 grams weight
  • 45 lbs of string tension
  • 100 sq. inch head size
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Made of aluminum
  • Comes with a zipped bag


  • Nothing

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#2. Wilson FIREFLY Head Tennis Racquet 

Wilson FIREFLY Head Tennis Racquet 

The tennis racquet by Wilson – FIREFLY is designed for beginners and intermediate players that provides optimum flexibility and stability for the long practice sessions.

The 27.5 inch long tennis racquet helps serve better with a lightweight handle, and helps with smart reach for the powerful ground strokes. The head is well-balanced and wide, providing the player more spin chances and more power. 

The racquet has a tight pattern of strings (16*19) that enables you to place better shots. The frame is made of graphite, and is sturdy enough to last longer than its contemporaries 


  • 27.5 inch long racket
  • Graphite frame
  • 400 grams weight
  • Well balanced and wide head
  • Better grip and tight pattern of strings
  • Helps in better service and ground strokes


  • Nothing

#3. HEAD IG Speed 25 Tennis Racquet for Beginners and Intermediaters

HEAD IG Speed 25 Tennis Racquet for Beginners and Intermediaters

Head tennis racquet is designed and powered with INNEGRA technology, and that improves shock absorbing capacity and enhances stability. The vibration of the ball reduces by 17 percent, improving precision and control.

The Damp plus technology ensures proper impact absorption, and being lightweight, it doesn’t harm your shoulder or elbow. The hitting area is made bigger for better practice, while the 16/19 string pattern makes it easy to maneuver.

The cutioned head grip provides improvised cushioning, sweat absorption and better airflow. The frame is made of composite graphite, and features a 2.2 cm beam. 


  • Better stability with INNEGRA technology
  • Improved shock absorbing ability
  • 17 percent vibration reduction
  • Better impact absorption with Damp plus technology
  • Made of composite graphite
  • Cushioned grip for better airflow and sweat absorption


  • Expensive

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#4. Wilson WRT3056003 Tennis Racquet

Wilson WRT3056003 Tennis Racquet

Wilson tennis gear gets the support of arc technology that enhances stability. The double hole technology provides smooth feel and additional pop. 

The perforated grip makes the racquet comfortable to hold and keeps the airflow easier. The racquet is made of fused graphite that ensures better play ability. 

The gear is quite lightweight, and is available in blue color. This racquet is designed for beginners and intermediate players who wish to hone their tennis playing skills.


  • In-built double hole technology for easy maneuvering
  • Arc technology for enhanced stability
  • Perforated and anti-slip grip
  • Weighs only 420 grams
  • Graphite frame makes it sturdy
  • 27-inch length


  • Only a strung cover included.

#5. Nivia R-25 Tennis Racquet

Nivia R-25 Tennis Racquet

The Nivia 25-inch tennis racquet is designed for players of every skill level, as it is a comprehensively manufactured and designed racquet.

If you are a seasoned player, use this as your interim racquet while practicing, and keep the expensive racquet aside. If you are still honing the skills, make it your best companion. 

With a firm, cushioned grip, you can put your power to optimum use while hitting the ball. The grip is designed to absorb the sweat, and keep your hands comfortable during the long practice sessions. 


  • Firm and anti-slip grip
  • Sweat-resistant grip
  • Frame made of alloy steel
  • Synthetic gut
  • Comes with a zipped bag
  • 5 years guarantee


  • Quality issues

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My Recommendations

I would recommend the Wilson Tennis racquet as it has a comfortable grip and provides stability for the players of various skill levels.

Cosco is a globally popular brand that manufactures incredible sports and fitness gear for different age groups. The Cosco 25-inch tennis racquet is designed for players with intermediate skill level, with anti-slip grips and strong netting.

The grip size of the tennis racquets used by pro players has been significantly reduced over the past decade, and the head speed has been improved resulting in a well-formed spin. However, the practicing players must require a bigger grip.