7 Best Shoulder Exercise with Dumbbells in India 2022

Do you want a V-shaped body but have no time to go to the gym?

Getting the V-shape body is the dream of almost every man. Working on shoulders is one of the most important steps in getting the V-shape. Also, you can do different shoulder exercises to feel better in the condition of frozen shoulder or shoulder pain. 

You can use easily available gym equipment like dumbbells to work on your shoulders. Dumbbells help in using the right amount of weight and pressure. If you are a beginner you can go for dumbbells with 2.5 kg or 5lb weight to start and then gradually you may increase the weight according to your capacity. Or you may get dumbbells that have adjustable weights. 

This is how muscles are present in your shoulder. While reading the article you may refer to the image to see which exercise targets which part of your shoulder.

shoulder anatomy

Here, we have made a guide mentioning 7 best shoulder exercises with dumbbells in India.

7 Best Shoulder Exercises with Dumbbells for 2022

#1. Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

To perform this exercise you will be needing two dumbbells and one low-back bench. Now follow the steps 

Seated dumbbell shoulder press
  • Sit on the bench and hold the dumbbell with both palms facing forward.
  • Keep your palms at shoulder level.
Seated dumbbell shoulder press1
  • Now, lift the dumbbell overhead towards one another; you should stop just a few centimeters short of touching the heads of the dumbbell with each other. 

(You should keep your back and head perfectly straight while performing the exercise)

  • Hold the position for some time and reverse the procedure. 

To start with you can perform 3 sets of 10 reps.


The seated dumbbell shoulder press workout focuses on the deltoid muscle of your shoulder while increasing shoulder strength. The workout uses the core for stability hence improving its strength as well.

Pro Tips

  • Do not point your elbows straight out from sides, this will put stress on your cuff muscles.
  • Do not lock your elbows as it will shift the focus from shoulder to triceps.
  • Do not push up very fast.
  • Avoid arching your back.
  • Do not lower the dumbbell too far, keep it at your shoulder level. Otherwise, you may strain your shoulder.

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 #2. Reverse Pec Deck Fly

You will need two dumbbells. 

Reverse pec deck fly
  • Hold the dumbbells in both hands and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. 
  • Bend forward by pressing your hips in a hinge position and keep your chest almost parallel to the floor.
  • Allow your hands to hang down with the weight of dumbbells, your palms should face each other.
  • Keep your core tight and bend your knees slightly while maintaining your spine straight.
Reverse pec deck fly1
  • Now, raise your arms out to your sides and while keeping a slight bend in your elbows.
  • Squeeze your shoulder blades while pulling them towards your spine.
  • Bring the dumbbell back to its original position. And repeat the process.


Reverse pec deck fly works on the rear shoulder (posterior deltoids) and major upper back muscles (rhomboids and trapezius). This will help improve posture, improve balance and promote upright posture. The workout will also help in reducing pain in these areas.

Pro Tips

  • Do not curve your back while performing reverse pec deck fly, as it will affect your lumbar spine by placing too much stress on it.
  • Slowly lift and bring down the dumbbells, do not swing them.
  • Avoid too heavy dumbbells.

#3. Dumbbell Lateral Raise

To perform this workout you just need a set of dumbbells.

Dumbbell lateral raise1
  • Stand at a place where you have enough space to raise your arms in a “T” position. Keep your arms at your side with palms, holding the dumbbells, facing in.
  • Keep your feet some inches apart approximately your hip-distance apart.
  • Now, raise your arms to your sides keeping your arms completely straight.
Dumbbell lateral raise
  • Stop when your arms are at your shoulder level, forming a “T”.
  • Pause and stay in the same position for a few seconds.
  • Bring your arms back to their original position slowly.

If you are a beginner then you should start with less weight then you can gradually increase the weight as per your convenience.


This exercise will work on your deltoid muscles. You will be primarily focusing on the lateral head of the deltoid. You can strengthen your shoulders by doing this exercise. 

Pro Tips

  • Avoid using too much weight.
  • Do not swing the dumbbell too fast.
  • You should not crane your head forward or lean your chin towards your chest while performing the workout.

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#4. Dumbbell Iron Cross

You will need a set of dumbbells to perform this exercise.

dumbbell iron cross1
  • Hold dumbbells in your hands straight in front of you parallel to the floor, palms facing in. 
  • Stand in a low squat position, your feet should be shoulder width apart.
dumbbell iron cross2
  • While standing upright, move your arms out of your body forming a “T” position.
  • Hold for a few seconds and then come back to the squat position.
  • Repeat the process. 


This workout will work on the front shoulders, glutes, and side shoulders. Along with that, it will work on your hamstrings, inner and outer biceps, and your quads.

Pro Tips

  • Avoid using too much weight. 
  • Position your palm in the middle of the dumbbell bar and not towards the plate.
  • Keep your back and neck straight during the whole session.
  • Do not let the dumbbell fall below your shoulder level.

#5. Incline Dumbbell Front Raise

You will need a bench and a set of dumbbells.

Incline dumbbell press2
  • Lie straight on the bench with head, back, and hips firmly resting against the bench. 
  • Hold the dumbbells in front of you with arms extended and palms facing downwards.
Incline dumbbell press1
  • Keeping your arms straight, raise the dumbbell towards your head. Keep moving until your hands reach in line with your shoulder or your arms make a 45-degree angle with the ground.
  • Lower your dumbbell down to the starting position while keeping your arms straight. 
  • Repeat. 


This workout focuses on your front shoulder deltoid muscle, your upper back, and your chest starting from your clavicle to your shoulder.

Pro Tips

  • You should approximately 30-45 degree incline for better results and as per your convenience.
  • Keep your hands and neck straight. 
  • Do not let your back or neck bend while performing the session.

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#6. Dumbbell See-Saw Press

You will need a set of dumbbells for this exercise.

  • Stand straight with a dumbbell in both hands just above your shoulders, palms facing inwards. 
seesaw dumbbell press
  • While extending your one arm overhead, turn your head as if you are looking at your arm. Slightly lean to the side simultaneously.
  • Extend your until it is extended fully overhead. 
  • Lower your arm after a halt of a few seconds returning to the start position.
  • Do it for both sides alternatively.


This workout will help in relieving frozen shoulder muscles as well as work on the front shoulder, lower triceps, obliques, outer triceps, and side shoulders.

Pro Tips

  • Stretch your hands straight to the sides 
  • Do not stop before your hands are fully stretched.
  • If you feel any discomfort in moving your neck then you may avoid it and just bend and lean your torso slightly.

#7. Arnold Press

You will need a bench with a vertical back and a pair of dumbbells. 

arnold press1
  • Sit on your bench with your back firmly pressed against the back of the bench. 
  • Hold dumbbells in your hands and keep them in front of your shoulders with palms facing in. 
arnold press
  • Rotate your arm while raising your arm overhead and to the side. 
  • Extend your arms fully till your dumbbells are straight above your shoulders.
  • Start lowering your hands while rotating your arms inwards and bring them back to the original position.


This exercise helps in relieving frozen shoulders and pain in your shoulder. Also, it works on your front shoulder, lower triceps, outer triceps, and deltoid.

Pro Tips

  • Do not bend your back or neck while doing this exercise.
  • Make sure your feet are firmly joint to the floor.
  • Move your hands straight above but in slow motion and without giving a jerk.

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Final Thought

You can perform any of these exercises as all of the exercises focus on the shoulders. But while performing these exercises you should always listen to your body. If you are feeling stress or pain while performing any of these exercises, stop then and there. Try doing that exercise once more if the pain persists then you should avoid doing that particular exercise.