6 Best Rowing Machines in India 2022

Last updated: 20th July 2021

With the changing mindset and proper consideration of health, people are getting more aware of the fitness equipment. Most people are trying to maintain a healthy regime by opting for a gym membership and others try to opt for different equipment when they’re home only.

With the stressful work schedule and continuous churning up in a job, most of the people get exhausted, and when it comes to going gym they keep on making excuses.

For this, some of the equipment can be installed in your home and can be used for maintaining the fitness regime. The rowing machine is also one of them. This is an equipment that provides maximum exhaustions and readily works on your shoulder, upper body, and other toning muscles.

Top 6 Rowing Machines in India 2022

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#1. Sunny Health & Fitness Incline Full Motion Rowing Machine


This is one of the full motion rowing machines that cater to all the needs of the user. It is the best in a class rowing machine that helps to attain a good fitness regime to the user. If you are a fitness freak and want to get all-around assistance, then this rowing machine is the ideal one. In case you are planning to buy one, then this will be very good ads it provides all around the action.


It has some of the effective features that help to provide the best in class service. The incline feature is capable of providing your body with a dynamic function. It comes with 5levels of incline that are way effective and helps them to attain incredible quad and arm work out. With the innovative digital console, you can get an idea of your vitals easily.

  • It comes with Large anti-slip pedals strap to fit your foot
  • It is equipped with a digital console that monitors your vitals
  • The compact and lightweight design makes it durable
  • The non-slip grip handlebars provide a good grip
  • It is equipped with sleek and solid aluminum rail
  • Price is too high
  • It needs space, of you are living in a small apartment, then it may cause space constraint.
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#2. Fitness Reality 4000MR Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine


If you want to give your arm, shoulder, and chest a proper toning, then this is the equipment that helps you to attain that. This 300lns weight capacity machine is capable of withstanding heavyweights. This is one of the best in a class machine that is equipped with various efficient features. With the 16 levels dual transmission it is one of the magnetic resistance machines that helps to provide effective results.


It is equipped with 10 Preset workout programs and 5 customizable programs. It has an Extended 38” Slide rail with 41” inseam that gives it a massive reach. It is equipped with folding options that provide easy storage as well. It is also equipped with a warranty on different parts that provides you leverage and stress less usage.

  • The 10 preset programs are way efficient
  • The massive backlit LCD provides good monitoring
  • It enables you to set your workout regime effectively
  • Comes with dedicated warranty
  • The 16 levels of dual transmission are way productive
  • Excessive features might confuse the user
  • Installation is clumsy and complex
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#3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5623 Air Rowing Machine


If you want to have equipment that is capable of providing a full-body workout, then this is the machine that provides all the ideal functions. It effectively helps to 85% of your body muscles and also provides some of the cardio functions. The endurance and power needed by this machine are optimal and you have to provide your utmost attention while working out.


It is equipped with a fully padded seat & large anti-slip foot pedal that provides ultimate comfort and secure smooth rowing motion. These features effectively result in the ultimate training of power, endurance, and mental toughness. With the effective functioning of this machine, you can expect massive output and a toned body. The grip that is provided by the anti-slip function makes it quite safe and secure for the user. For assembling it you can get expert help also.

  • The air rower resistance system provides fluid movement
  • The padded seat makes it comfortable
  • The installation and assembly is full of ease
  • Warranty conditions are extensive and provide good leverage
  • Anti-skip pedals provide good grip
  • Online support is not helpful
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#4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW1410 Rowing Machine


This rowing machine is capable of providing effective functioning that helps to acquire a fitness regime. This provides effective results for your body when you want to attain a different approach. It comes with some of the effective features that are quite good. You can attain good full-motion arms due to eh mechanics of the machine.


It is equipped with a fully thick-padded seat that provides ultimate comfort. The availability of non-slip grip handlebars and large anti-slip pedals with adjustable foot straps provides immense gripping options and comfort while workout. It is equipped with full-Motion Arms that aim all the major muscle groups such as the legs, arms, back, abs, glutes, and more. With the effective functioning of built-in LCDs that provides all the vital displays.

  • Full motion arms allow full movement
  • Built-in LCD controls are effective to monitor the vitals
  • The solid steel frame provides optimal support and durability
  • The non-slip handlebars provide effective gripping
  • The 12 levels adjustable resistance makes it quite effective
  • Price is a concern
  • Bulky frame and ineffective small features
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#5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5606 Rowing Machine


This is one of the rowing machines that are capable of providing all sets of functions regarding the workout regime. It has some of the best in class manufacturing techniques involved that makes it quite rugged and efficient. It has some of the luxury features that you cannot be able to get from others. If you are investing a bulk amount of money, then this machine will provide maximum impact and help you to grab a good physical appearance.


It is equipped with effective features that include large no-slip pedals with straps. The LCD monitor that displays time, calories burned, and a variety of other tracking measures. These effective features cumulatively help them to get a good fitness regime. With the effective backlit and withstanding weight capacity, you are securely getting value for money in this investment.

  • LCD console s effective in showing all the vital functions
  • The elastic cord resistance provides 4 levels of adjustable tension
  • Oversized angled seats are way effective for providing comfort
  • The maximum user weight makes it best in class
  • Portability of the machine provides good attributes
  • Installation is complex
  • Pricing is way too high
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#6. Stamina DT 397 Rowing Machine


This is one of the best in a class rowing machine that comes with dual technology. If you are in confusion that what type of rowing machine is ideal, then opting for this will provide effective results. These machines at this price tag provide massive functioning and help you to get a gym away from the traditional gym. Apart from this machine is also equipped with some of the expert guideline online workouts that help to shed fat easily.


There are some of the best features that make this set a worthy one. It is equipped with a mechanism that combines the dynamic nature of air resistance with adjustable, magnetic resistance. It has a dedicated set of expert-guided online courses for those who want to get an idea of the workouts. It comes in the dimension of 66″ L x 22″ W x 34.5″ H.

  • It is equipped with a built-in bottle holder
  • It has a top-grade weight capacity of 250lbs
  • It is equipped with an LCD monitor that provides effective functioning
  • The dual resistance technique helps to gain dynamic nature
  • The molded seat provides ultimate comfort
  • Lack of small detailing
  • Aesthetics are not too appealing

How to Buy a Rowing Machine

While buying one of the rowing there are some attributes and need of yours should be considerate. If you are planning to buy one, then these following questions will effectively clear the air:

Are you aware of the movement your body will get with the help of a rowing machine?

The movement associated with the rowing machine is way complex and needs perseverance. On the whole, it exclusively involves all the parts of the body to work. When you are pulling the resistance, then it strains the parts of the body the provide toning up. This should be the foremost concern, as people don’t find the movement very easy.

#1. How Much Are You Going to Spend

The pricing point is one of the considerations that should be given prior importance. These rowing machines are not cheap because of their complex structure and effective functioning.

#2. What About Space Constraints

This is one of the concerns that should be taken care of beforehand. These rowing machines are massive sets that need space. If you are living in a small apartment, then this machine will occupy have of the space of your room.

#3. Magnitude of Usage

Opting a rowing machine and using it regularly are two different things. It is important to take good care of your body while performing reps in this machine. It is important to consider as people often get bored with this machine and it becomes showcase equipment.

4 Types of Rowing Machine

There are four types of rowing machines available in the market. Those are:

#1. Air 

 Air Rowing Machine

Air rowing machines work with the help of air flowing over an internal flywheel that produces resistance. These are some of the popular types as the majority prefers this only.

#2. Magnetic 


The working principle for this type of rowing machine depends on the distance between strong magnets and spinning flywheel. The handles are attached to a chain. Different resistance levels can be adjusted either by using chancel sliders or with automatic controls.

#3. Water/Fluid

#4. Hydraulic


This type of rowing machine works on the resistance achieved by pistons attached to the handles. The handles should be pulled against the air or fluid inside the hydraulic cylinders and can be adjusted accordingly

Frequently Asked Questions

While buying, people often get confused and ask for some questions that should be addressed with proper attention:

Q.Which type of rowing machine is best?

The magnetic rowing machine is one of the best in class to provide a smoother function and helps efficiently. This is one of the most popular rowing machines available.

Q.Is there any issue related to owing to a machine that may cause an accident?

No, there are not many instances of this, but you should take care of it as it may cause some problems if it becomes rugged.

Q.Does it need massive space?

Yes, this machine is quite big in shape and needs effective space.

Q.Can we expect professional help in case of any difficulties?

This depends upon the manufacturers and the retailer where you are making the purchase.


With this set of best in class rowing machines, you can expect maximum functioning. You just have to choose wisely while keeping some of the considerations in the mind. It is very important to consider the questions before the purchase regarding your need and the type of equipment you want to buy.

Just makes sure you are not getting a piece of steel only and make sure to use it in your fitness regime. These machines can be a boon for your health. Those who want to shed their extra fat can use it effectively.