5 Best Pull Up Bars in India 2022 (Review & Comparison)

A pull up bar is one of the most simple tools which you can keep in your home and use it during your workout sessions. Pull-ups are one of the most effective exercises in developing the back muscles and pull-up bars are the best tools that can be used to execute them conveniently as well as safely in your home. Pull up bars help a person in strength building.

5 Best Pull Up Bars To Buy in 2022

Here is the list of top 5 pull up bars in India.

#1. Kore K-WM Wall Mounting Chin Up Bar


If you want to strengthen your arms, biceps, back, shoulders, and the other muscles of your upper body, then this is the perfect product for you to choose. In short, this a complete pull up station package. You can very easily set up your gym in your house with the help of this pull-up package which is super convenient to mount.

It is an ideal gadget for chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, crunches, and the workout of other parts of the body such as the chest, arm, back, triceps, biceps, abs, lats, etc. The maximum load that this pull up bar can take is 120 kg. Along with the pull-up bar, you will also get straps, parallel grips, mounting hardware as well as installation instructions.

The fixed pillar length is 20 inches, top rod length is 38 inches. These set of pull up bars have got padded foam grips which will provide utmost comfort to your hands.


This pull-up bar set is your gym. It can do various kinds of exercises such as chin-ups, pull-ups, crunches, push-ups, etc.

There is six non – slip padded handgrips that will make sure that you get a secure and comfortable grip and will help in preventing sliding and will also help in removing any kind of obstruction from your workout that may occur while protecting your hands as well as joints from calluses.

In addition to this, the two reinforced paddings at both the ends are designed to protect your door frame from any kind of scratches. The chin-up bar can be installed very easily with the help of a drill and a screwdriver. There are a total of 8 hole positions in it for mounting. We get included nuts, bolts, washers as well as an instruction manual.


  • Simple home installation
  • 3 grip point positions
  • Strong and solid
  • Your gym
  • 6 point foam grip
  • Small base plate
  • Built quality not very good
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#2. Bulfyss Pull up Bar


This amazing product from the house of Bulfyss is one of the best in the category. It’ll help you in sculpting the muscles across your chest, shoulders arms, back, core, etc. It’ll also help you in activating the multiple numbers of large groups of muscles and in a single motion, it can trigger the metabolism of your body for the maximum amount of fat-burning effect and tremendous increase in the muscle mass. You can always do a quick few reps with the help of your mounted bar. Apart from this, you can also do your full-body workouts on it so that your progress can be built daily.


It is best used for building strength in your upper body. With its help, you can every easily tone as well as strengthen your arms, abs muscles, shoulders, and back. It’ll give you the perfect upper body work out. This pull bar is made up of heavy-duty chrome steel and along with the door mounts, it provides great support as well as safety to the user. It can hold a person of up to 136 kg. It is a highly versatile type of exercise. This equipment has got comfortable hand grips. Those are non – slip as well as extra-large foam grips for extra comfort to the user and for minimizing any kind of fatigue to the hands.


  • Comfortable hand grips
  • Versatile use
  • Ideal for building upper body strength
  • Secure and safe door mounts
  • Can be used in different locations
  • Rubber stoppers come as unsuccessful
  • Construction not good
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#3. Zemic Home Gym Pull up Bars for Home


This is one of the doorway mount designs. They have been designed in such a way that, they can fit into most of the standard sized frames of doors. You can do various kinds of exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, triceps dips, hanging crunches, and many more along with variable grip positions. The bar enables the targeting of specific body muscles. There are non – slip rubberized feet as well as heavy-duty steel construction for providing durability as well as stability. The installation process of this bar is extremely simple as well as easy. Just like the installation process, the process to uninstall is also very simple as well as easy.


The process of assembling of zemic door bar is extremely simple. The design of this gym bar is such that, it can fit on a maximum of the doorways. It’ll do so without damaging the door in any form. There is padding for grips in this pull-up bar. It makes sure that there are no scratches or any damage to the door. It is extremely simple as well as easy to uninstall this pull up bar and store it conveniently.


  • Easy to install
  • Designed to fit most doors
  • Non – slip rubberized feet
  • Useful in doing multiple exercises
  • Enables targeting of specific muscles
  • Handgrip rubber is of poor quality
  • Poor construction
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#4. Aurion EXE Wall Mounting Chin Up Bar


This product has been designed to increase the muscle strength of the user as well as for toning the body. In the box, you will get a solid one-piece to pull up bar, grips, hardware for mounting (bolts and screws), and an instruction manual. The padded foam grips in this bar have been provided to give your hands the utmost comfort while working out. The bar has got a heavy-duty steel correction. In addition to this, there is also black powder coating on the bar for the prevention of corrosion and rust. The bar is one of the best alternatives for doing push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, etc. The bar has been designed to bear a maximum load of 120 kg.


Padded foam grips of the bar will give comfort to your hand while working out. The heavy-duty steel construction of the bar and black powder coating makes sure that this product lasts for a longer duration of time. This is an ideal equipment of toning your body as well as increasing your muscle strengths. There are three grip positions in this bar. These the grip potions are narrow, wide, and neutral. The bar has been designed in such a way that it can be installed in the home very easily.


  • Three grip positions
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Black powder coating
  • Increases muscle strength
  • Tones the body
  • Poor construction
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#5. FITUP LIFE Two Way Door Gym Bar


This product has got a great weight capacity along with innovative pads that rest along with the door frame and protect it from any kind of wear or tear, even after a million workouts. This bar enables you to do true wide grip pull-ups, which most bars don’t allow you to do. The grips if this bar extends to the outside of the door frame and not inside it. It activates various muscles inside the body during a workout.


This bar can be set up very easily and will save time as well as money for hiring an installation expert. This two-way door carry bar can be carried very easily by disassembling then into a very tight storage space. It is the perfect workout equipment for your complete upper body. The construction of this bar is of high-grade durable steel. There is a comfortable padded grip for your comfort.


  • Helps in developing upper body
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Adjustable, safe and secure
  • Made from high-grade durable steel
  • Comfortable foam padded handgrip
  • N/A

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5 Types of Pull Up Bars 2022

There are various kinds of pull up bars. Some of them are used for daily workout routines while some are used in the gyms that we’ve set up in our house. Here, we’ll tell you about all of them.

#1. Wall or Ceiling


These pull up bars are mounted on either of the surfaces for keeping the system parallel to the level of the ground and helping you in the expansion of your space for workout.

#2. Portable


These are travel-friendly bars. They can be easily disassembled into a small storage area and can be carried conveniently from one place to another.

#3. Freestanding


These are tower-based machines having a stable footprint. They help in executing upper body exercises with efficiency and for managing weight.

#4. Doorway


These are popularly known as telescopic bars. They can be extended and wedged in between the uprights in a door frame. It requires no assembling.

#5. Station


These are popularly used in home gyms. These are used along with multiple other exercise stations. It is used mostly in hardcore workout sessions.

Benefits of Pull up Bars 2022

Pull up bars are the simplest and most effective ways to execute pull-ups. Pull-ups are known to be one of the best workout exercises of all time. There are multiple benefits of pull up bars.

  • They can be set up very easily and very conveniently in any place of your house or office.
  • They are one of the most inexpensive ways of working out.
  • They are one of the best tools for doing strength exercises.
  • They offer an effective way to perform grip training, which is a comparatively difficult exercise to do.

How To Use Pull Up Bars

How To Use Pull Up Bars

A pull-up bar is a simple and effective workout tool. If you have proper knowledge, then you can use it as one of the most adaptable as well as an effective workout tool. Here, we will tell, how to use a pull-up bar for doing the pull-up exercises.

  1. Exhale deeply while pulling yourself up on the bar so that your chin comes in level with the bar.
  2. Pause there for a bit.
  3. Lower yourself down till the point where your elbows get straight.
  4. Do the movement again and again and avoid touching the ground.
  5. Do as many repetitions as you want to.

How To Buy Best Pull Up Bars

How To Buy Best Pull Up Bars

A good workout session is only ensured when you have good equipment. You need to have a good idea of the equipment before buying it. Here, we will tell you about the things that you need to look out for while buying a pull-up bar.

#1. Location and assembly 

You need to sort two things first, where will the bar be placed and how conveniently can it be placed? Several types of bars can be attached in various ways in various places. The wall-mounted bars and the doorway pull up bars are the most simple and easy to put up.

#2. Stations 

There are many pull up bars that will only help in executing pull-ups. There are also various other pull up bars that have got other stations too for doing a complete upper body workout. You need to choose, for what purpose are you buying a pull-up bar.

#3. Design 

As we have already told you that the are five types of pull up bars based upon their design and the place where they can be mounted. You need to select from amongst those, the one which you need for yourself.


A pull up bar is one of the most effective as well as inexpensive types of equipment for developing your upper body. It’ll help in toning your upper body as well as the strengthening of the muscles. You just need to consider the options available and choose the best option for yourself. This will prove to be one of the most worthy investments of your life.