20 Best Home Gym Equipment in India 2022

Pandemic has really made us rethink our health status. Sudden changes in our living styles such as work from home, reduced travel, remote learning programs all together affected our old routines and indirectly forced us to plan our life in a new way.  And so health and fitness are gaining more emphasis among our needs. 

Many of us are still under the fear of getting infected, hence avoiding going to the gym. Due to the availability of rich content on the internet about workouts, be it videos or virtual sessions, dependency on gyms has been considerably reduced. 

In this fast-paced life taking out time for gym is not everyones cup of tea making them skip their workout. To overcome this scenario, there is nothing better than setting up home gym. It will not only save your time traveling but also help you set up a regular workout regime. You just need to do a one-time investment and escape from monthly gym memberships. What more do you need than having a workout session in the comfort of your home?

We have selected 20 essential gym equipment for almost every type of exercise. We have tried to match the quality as well as a budget-friendly price. Now set up your own home gym and achieve your fitness goals without any interruption.

20 Best Home Gym Equipments in India 2022

#1. Dumbbells

flexibell dumbbell

Dumbbells are a must in your home gym equipment list as you need them to strengthen your arms and muscles. You can do multiple workouts including legs, shoulders, back, chest, and abs with these. 

Usually used in pairs, there are different types of dumbbells such as metal dumbbells, rubber dumbbells, and PVC dumbbells. Ranging from lightest weight 0.5 Kg – 5 Kgs ( for beginners) to the heaviest being 110 Kgs is also available. 

Our Choice – FlexiBell Dumbbell

However, for your home gym, the FlexiBell dumbbell is a great option. A single FlexiBell dumbbell provides you with 15 different weights options. You can just store them under your bed or chair when not in use. Hence you can save a lot of your home space as you need not buy separate weights.

You can switch among 2.5 Kgs to 2.4 Kgs weight settings with 1-1.5 increments through the rotating dial. You can also change resistance according to different exercises.

If we talk about the materials, made up of high-quality metal and rubber, the Flexbell dumbbell has a comfortable grip and does not scratch the floor surface due to no-slip color coding. Also, the dumbbell comes with a storage anti-slip rack.

Flexiball dumbbells is a compact product with an innovative design. Though a little expensive, it is a one-time investment. However it does not come in pairs, you need to buy 2 separate dumbbells to complete the set.

Key Highlights

  • Provides 15 different weight and resistance options
  • Easy to switch among weights 
  • Comes with a storage rack
  • Comfortable usage and saves space

Best for – Beginners, women, and for home use due to ease of changing weights. You can effectively do endurance-based exercises such as Bicep Curl, Lunges, Squats, and Aerobics as well.

#2. Stationary Bike Exercise Cycle

The Stationary Exercise Bike is effective to burn calories and extra fat along with strengthening your body muscles. If you are missing your outdoor cycling sessions the fitness stationary bike is a perfect option.

Different types of stationary exercise cycles are available in the market nowadays. The latest is the Flexbike that is India’s first smart bike with online workout classes. Other brands and models differ in design such as back support, additional functions, adjustable seats, tracking LCD, etc.

Our Choice – Reach AB-110 Air Bike Exercise Fitness Cycle

Reach AB-110 Air Bike Exercise Fitness Cycle

The Reach AB-110 Air Bike is a great option for muscle strengthening and doing cardio exercises at home. It’s a safer product than the other cardio equipment as it does not put excessive stress on your joints due to smooth pedaling. Thus an ideal exercise product for elder groups

The handles are cushioned with high-density foam that prevents your neck or back from stiffness or muscle aches post-exercise. You also have the option of adjusting handles to moving or stationary positions ensuring different types of exercises. 

You can also adjust to multiple resistances according to the workload required for your body.

This fitness bike is a valuable addition as it also has a tummy twister. You can perform exercises for toning thighs, abs, reducing tummy fat, and improving flexibility with tummy twisters. 

If you buy a separate tummy twister, it will cost you around 5k. But as it’s already included in this model, it will just cost Rs1000-1500 extra than the other similar models. So you get 2 different products at the price of one !!

Key Highlights

  • Includes a tummy twister
  • Smooth pedaling with the noise-free operation
  • LCD progress tracker with adjustable handles
  • Comfortable seats
  • Cost-effective product

Ideal for –  Elderly people and with joint problems. Anyone can use it, be it men, women, or even kids.

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#3. Elliptical Cross Bike

Elliptical cross bikes, also known as ellitops, are designed with an elliptical wheel configuration. They are typically around two meters long and have three sets of handlebars, one for the crank arms that rotate to propel the bike forward or backward, one at the front for steering, and one at the back near the pedals. The rider pedals the bike by pushing down on these pedals with their feet.

Our Choice – PowerMax Fitness Orbitrek Exercise Cycle and Elliptical Cross Trainer

PowerMax Fitness Orbitrek Exercise Cycle and Elliptical Cross Trainer

The PowerMax Fitness EH-200 Orbitrek Exercise Cycle is a compact, easy-to-use exercise bike that provides you with an excellent cardio workout. The bike is perfect for you if you want a machine that can work on both the upper and lower body simultaneously.

The LCD display shows time, speed, distance, calories burned, and pulse rate. The Orbitrek features a fan wheel chain drive system that ensures smooth pedaling action.

The bike can bear a max 100 kg weight and has an adjustable seat vertically. You also get a two-way crank system and double-action handlebar along with comfortable anti-slip pedals.

You can adjust the seat vertically according to your need. You also get an adjustable handlebar for ease of use while working out. The motion handle bar provides workout options for the lower and upper body. Hence you can get maximum benefit.

Key Highlights 

  • Adjustable tension and resistance Control By Knob
  • Comfortable anti-slip pedals
  • Vertically adjustable seat
  • Two-way crank system
  • Double action handle and adjustable handlebar

Ideal for – Ideal for people with knee pain. However, people of an age group can use it.

#4. Treadmill

A treadmill is a device used for running or walking indoors. A treadmill may also be called a running machine.

Treadmills are very efficient at burning calories because they provide an elevated amount of resistance to the user. It also forces your heart to work harder than normal, because your body is unable to balance itself while running on the treadmill. Walking on a treadmill is also beneficial for weight loss.

Our Choice – Cockatoo CTM-08 1.5 HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill for Home

Cockatoo CTM-08 1.5 HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill for Home

Cockatoo CTM-08 treadmill is an ideal equipment to burn your extra fat and tone up your muscles. This treadmill runs smoothly as it is packed with a power 1.5 HP motor.

The Cockatoo CTM-08 Treadmill is a very lightweight device, so you can move it easily if required. The treadmill can support up to 90 kg of weight and has a running space of 1040 x 360 mm. CTM-08 comes with a hidden shock absorption system so that you can run easily without any jerk.

The speed can vary from 1-10 km/hr, and comes with an LCD that displays speed, distance, time, pulse, and calories. It also features a folding design that makes it easy for you to store or transport it.

Key Highlights

  • Big running space of 1040 x 360 mm (41″ x 14″)
  • Speed can vary from 1-10 km/hr
  • Comes with a powerful 1.5 HP motor
  • Features 5-inches LCD
  • Lightweight and foldable design

Ideal for – Health-conscious people who want to lose extra pounds. 

#5. Resistance bands

Resistance bands are an excellent form of equipment for any gym, especially because you can use them anywhere. They’re very lightweight and portable. 

You can also do a variety of exercises with them that will provide you with the challenge that you need. If you’re looking for something that’s challenging at home, but doesn’t require much space, resistance bands are the perfect option.

Our Pick – SOLARA Unbreakable Resistance Band Set (11 pcs)

SOLARA Unbreakable Resistance Band Set

The Solara resistance bands are made with 100% latex rubber and are 1.6 times thicker than other bands available in the market. The bands are unbreakable, eco-friendly, and safe for use. These bands work on your muscles as the weights do but with less tension on your muscles. 

The bands are color-coded for the weight and the weights are mentioned on the band as well. If you want more pressure you can stack the bands. The bands are equipped with door anchors and ankle straps.

An added advantage with these bands is that you get access to the SOLARA App, ebooks, and videos for maximum benefit. You can get the videos from beginner level to advanced and work accordingly using these bands.

Key Benefits

  • Unbreakable and eco-friendly bands.
  • Thicker and more durable than other brands.
  • Color-coded according to weight
  • Free access to SOLARA App, eBook, and videos.
  • Anti-snap bands.

Ideal for –  Various stretching exercises.

#6. Weight Bench

Weight benches are usually used by those that are looking to use their upper body. Weight benches help you with your posture and will work on building your chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. 

Our Pick – ALLYSON FITNESS Foldable Flat Bench

ALLYSON FITNESS Foldable Flat Bench

The ALLYSON bench is made with thickened layer pad and heavy-duty steel. The leather board has high-density foam for your comfort. The bench is sturdy because of the steel tube present in it. The frame of the bench is coated with chemically treated rust-free powder coat material to give it a long life.

The wide-area base of the bench makes it capable of bearing heavyweight. The base of the bench is covered with an anti-skid base cap to prevent skidding and wobbling while working. 

The leg support is made with high-quality material and is covered with high-quality foam so that it doesn’t hurt your legs.

Key Benefits

  • Strong and sturdy build quality
  • Foldable for ease of storage
  • Base cap for preventing skidding off the bench
  • Can bear 400 Kg weight

Ideal for – Intense dumbbell press, incline press, decline press, and all Abdominal workouts.

#7. Mats

Gym mats are typically used by people who don’t want to work out on the floor. They provide a cushion for your body so you can work out without having to worry about falling or getting hurt. Gym mats also help with grip, which is good if you’re looking to do exercises that will give you leverage on your hands or feet.

Our Pick – VIFITKIT Non Slip Mat with Shoulder Strap and Carrying Bag

VIFITKIT Non Slip Mat with Shoulder Strap and Carrying Bag

Vifitkit mat is a high-density mat with specially designed sweat-absorbent EVA foam that absorbs impact and provides comfort.

Vifitkit is a durable mat with a shoulder strap and carrying bag. The dimensions are 72 X 24 inches. It has a double-sided, non-slip surface. The subtle texture on the surface of the mat prevents slipping of hands and legs.

This eco-friendly recyclable mat is biodegradable, so you can feel good about what you are doing for your body and the environment.

Vifitkit mats are made to last for years with proper care, so it’s worth it to invest in one that makes you feel great every time you practice.

Key Benefits 

  • Sweat-absorbent and anti-skid mat
  • Biodegradable and lightweight 
  • Double-sided mat
  • Odor-free and washable
  • Comes with a shoulder strap and carry bag.

Ideal for – Crunches, Plank, and other exercises. You can use it for doing yoga or any kind of exercise. 

#8. Push up bar

Push-up bars are one of the most efficient pieces of equipment when it comes to building your upper body muscles and working on your core and chest. Using push-up bars can significantly increase your strength, and is great for those who don’t have a lot of space. 

Our Pick – ZOSOE Push Up Bars Stand with Foam Grip Handle for Chest Press

ZOSOE Push Up Bars Stand with Foam Grip Handle

The ZOSOE Push Up Bars Stand is specially designed to increase your workout intensity.

Push yourself farther than ever before. Get the most out of your push-ups by adding resistance bands or weights to your routine. This stand is crafted from high-quality polypropylene that makes it extremely lightweight and portable, yet strong enough.

The PushUp bars have 300 gm weight each. The Push Up bar is 8.66″ long x 5.51″ wide x 4.72″ tall. Your weight will never be an issue as these bars can bear any weight.

The rubber stoppers on the bottom help keep the stand steady while you work out. The foam grip handle provides a comfortable way to perform push-ups and weights exercises.

Key Benefits

  • Portable, lightweight, and durable
  • Can bear any weight
  • 8.66″ long x 5.51″ wide x 4.72″ tall 
  • Made of good-quality polypropylene
  • Covered with Slip-resistant rubber for better grip

Best For – Increasing wrist strength and grip of hands

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#9. Punching bags

Punching bags are useful for training your punching skills, but they’re also good for strength training. They’re typically large enough to allow you to work on your upper body and legs as well as the abdominal muscles. 

Our Choice – Aurion Filled Heavy Punch Bag

Aurion Filled Heavy Punch Bag

The Aurion punching bag is ideal for your home gym as it is made with synthetic leather which is durable and long-lasting. The size of the bag is 4 feet and comes with hand wraps of 108 inches.

The bag is twin layered and hand-stitched for long-lasting life. This set comes with a range of products as hand wraps with steel chains, swivels, and tether straps. 

The bag is filled with the shredded textile material to minimize the chance of bruising your wrists or breaking your hands. The filling is safe, soft, shock-absorbing, and non-toxic, the material still maintains a good heavyweight.

The bag has a protective water-resistant finish. The bag comes in various colors you can choose from. 

Key Benefits

  • High-quality material is used
  • Rust-free chains for hanging.
  • Comes with hand wrap for your ease
  • Pre-filled with shredded textile material

Ideal for – Martial art or boxing practice. 

#10. Power Tower

A Power Tower offers a variety of exercises like knee raising, pull-ups, leg raises. It typically includes a chin-up station, a standing and shoulder press station or Smith machine, and a leg extension/leg curl station.

Power Towers can be used to give you an intensive workout without needing any other equipment than the frame. They are especially convenient for people who work out from home or who travel often and do not want to carry heavy weights with them during their travels.

Our Pick – FITNESS YOUTH Power Tower Workout Dip Station for Home Gym

FITNESS YOUTH Power Tower Workout Dip Station for Home Gym

Fitness Youth Power Tower Workout Dip Station for Home Gym is designed to work your arms, chest, back, shoulders, and abs. It can be used for push-ups, sit-ups, or dips.

Fitness Youth Power Tower is made of high-quality steel that can hold up to 330LBS weight capacity.

This compact size power tower workout dip station can be stored anywhere in the house. It’s perfect for both beginner and professional use.

Key Benefits

  • Compact size can be stored anywhere in the house
  • Made with high-quality steel
  • Holds up to 330LBS
  • Multi-functional dip station that

Best for – Chest, Arm, Back, Shoulder, and Abs workout.

#11. Kettlebell

Kettlebells are an excellent tool for those who want to increase their strength and work on their core. They’re often used as a way of increasing endurance as you work on hand-eye coordination. 

Kettlebell exercises can be done at any time, but they’re most commonly used in the morning as it is one of the best ways to warm up your body and make it ready for the day.  This way the kettlebell workout will last throughout the day.

Our Pick – Kakss Cast Iron Kettlebell

Kakss Cast Iron Kettlebell

The KAKSS Cast Iron Kettlebell is a versatile workout tool for strength training. You can use it to strengthen your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and legs. The kettlebell is also a great cardio workout tool that will help you burn calories and improve endurance. 

The kettlebell’s ergonomic design facilitates grip and the surface is void-free which makes it easy to clean after each workout. Made with cast iron, this kettlebell has a wide flat machined base which provides stability during workouts. 

Kakss kettlebell comes with a handle that has thick walls for durability and to prevent it from rolling around if you use it for cardio exercises.

Key Benefits

  • Void free surface for great quality
  • High-quality iron for durability
  • Wide flat base 
  • Smooth and comfortable handle

Best for – Muscle toning and core stability. 

#12. Ball

Gym balls are a great piece of equipment that is used to work on your core and is the perfect way to increase your balance. They’re also good for those who can’t stand up for long periods because they give you a break from it. 

Gym balls prove to be a cost-effective piece of equipment, as well as being very easy to store. You can keep your muscles conditioned and toned using gym balls.

Our Pick – Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball with Foot Pump

Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball with Foot Pump

The Strauss Anti-burst gym ball is one of the best gym balls for you if you want to work on your muscles. The ball is made with durable and resilient PVC material. 

The ball is specially designed with texture to make it slip-resistant to prevent workout wreckage. Safety is one of the features of the ball hence it is made with thicker material resulting in burst resistance. Even if the ball is ripped it will not burst rather the ball will deflate slowly.

These balls are available in various colors and sizes. You can choose according to your preferences.

Key Benefits

  • Anti-burst technology
  • Anti-slip texture for stability
  • Thick PVC for durability
  • Comes with a pump for ease of inflation.

Best for – Pilate routine and stretching.

#13. Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is an excellent way to row on an ergometer, which will create a greater cardiovascular workout for the user. The rowers also provide a weight-bearing exercise.

Some people use it as a way to get in some fitness by exercising for a shorter period. The rower is also used in rehabilitation because of its ability to strengthen various muscle groups of the body without putting too much pressure on any-one limb of the body.

Our Pick – PowerMax Fitness RH-150 Foldable Exercise Rowing Machine

PowerMax Fitness RH-150 Foldable Exercise Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is equipped with 8 Level Magnetic Resistance Control Regulation. The machine can bear a maximum of 135 Kg weight.

You can keep a track of time, count, calories, and RPM with the help of LCD. The machine has an aluminum alloy sliding rail having a 760mm sliding distance for comfortable usage.

The Pulley-transition system is used for pulling the rope. For your comfort, the machine is equipped with anti-slip pedals with adjustable straps. The seat is padded with a soft cushion to make it comfortable.

You can fold the machine and store it anywhere so that you are not troubled. 

Key Benefits

  • Foldable for ease of storage
  • LCD monitor for keeping track
  • 8 level magnetic resistance
  • Anti-slip pedals
  • High-quality aluminium alloy sliding rail

Best for – Variation in degree during a workout.

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#14. Crossfit Rope

CrossFit rope training is a variety of exercises that has a mixed bag of benefits. One of the most popular benefits is its effectiveness in terms of reducing stress, but it can also be used to increase strength and endurance. 

The rope has been shown to provide some cardiovascular benefits as well, making it a great low-impact workout for those with joint problems or injuries. Rope exercises are also known for their ability to improve balance and coordination, which can lead to an improvement in sports performance.

Our Pick – ESSKAY UTTAM Rope Polypropylene Rope Black

ESSKAY UTTAM Rope Polypropylene Rope Black

The ESSKAY rope is ideal for beginners as it weighs 5 kg to provide moderate-intensity exercise. The rope is made with 100% virgin grade quality Virgin Polypropylene Polymers ensuring maximum strength and durability for long-term use. 

The Ropes are made to ensure perfect and smooth wave formation to ensure you get a perfect workout. The smooth wave formation is ideal for jerk and injury-free workouts. 

You get the best grip experience as the grips of the rope are made with high-quality precision and have High-Quality Heat Shrink grips.

Key Benefits

  • Made from 100% virgin polymers
  • Perfect wave formation
  • Ideal weight
  • Best grip

Best for – Beginners as well as Trained users.

#15. Ab roller

Ab Rollers have been a popular fitness craze for a few years now. The Ab Roller has been used in gyms and homes worldwide to help strengthen abs and flatten stomachs by rolling back and forth. 

These fitness machines can be a great addition to any workout routine, as they’re also affordable and easy to store. They should only be used on a flat surface that is free of sharp objects, such as carpets or concrete floors.

Our Pick – PRO365 Dual Wide Ab Roller Wheel

PRO365 Dual Wide Ab Roller Wheel

The PRO365 roller comes with a 6 mm thick knee mat that will protect your knees during the workout. 

The roller is made with lightweight stainless steel which can bear up to 100 kg weight. The rod of the roller will not bend during a workout and hence it is durable.

You get an easy grip as the rod is covered with foam. The wheels are non-skid and hence facilitate stability. Installation is very easy for this roller.

Key benefits

  • 6 MM premium knee mat
  • The knee pad supports the knees
  • Portable and compact
  • Easy-grip wheels

Best for – Strengthens and Tones ABS, Shoulders, Arms, and Back

#16. Foam Roller

A foam roller is one of the most important pieces of gym equipment as it is used for self-massage. The foam roller helps relieve muscle tension, inflammation, and soreness. They are generally utilized by wellness lovers since they help to mend tight and sore muscles in the body.

In case there isn’t appropriate mobility, the fibers present in the tissue become tangled. This further prevents typical development and causes pain. Foam rollers are the most ideal way of preventing this.

Our Pick – Strauss Grid Foam Roller

Strauss Grid Foam Roller

The roller is made of EVA foam for high-density hence it resists breaking under pressure. You get a firm deep tissue massage for therapy.

Strauss foam roller is ergonomically designed with 3D massage zones namely thumb, finger, and palm zone to replicate the hands of a therapist. 

The Strauss foam roller helps in decreasing fascial rigidness and improves body flexibility and muscle health. You can use this roller for kinks, knots, tight muscles, back pain, and overall soreness from exercise and fitness activities.

Key Benefits

  • Made of EVA foam
  • Comes with 3D massage zones
  • Does not break under tension or weight

Best for – the arch of the foot, or any part of the body.

#17. Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are weight plates made of an iron or steel center and covered in defensive rubber. They are not like traditional iron or steel plates which are made of natural substance and regularly covered in a defensive layer. Since they’re canvassed in elastic coating, they tend to bounce back a bit when dropped. 

Our Pick – BullrocK Black Rubber Bumper Plates

BullrocK Black Rubber Bumper Plates

The Bullrock bumper plates are made of high-quality Natural Rubber composition. The bumper plates have low bounce with better impact absorbing properties. The Bumper plates are manufactured with the IWF Standard specification hence they will not give any wrong effects because of irregular manufacturing.

The bumper plates are specially designed to withstand drops, even overhead drops. The plates are designed to bounce less when dropped. You should not worry about damaging your floor or your mats.

The plates have thicker raised flanges to prevent direct contact between the lettering and center rings. The thinner profile of the plates makes it easier to load extra plates on the rod. 

These Bumper Plates come with an improved Matte finish.

Key Benefits

  • Made up of high-quality Natural Rubber
  • Manufactured with IWF Standard specification
  • Can withstand drops
  • Low Bounce & Efficient

Best for – Weight lifting.

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#18. Free Stand punching bag

A floor-standing punching bag is a punching sack that doesn’t need mounting. Regularly, it is joined to a substantial base that is weighted down with sand or water. 

A floor-standing punching pack doesn’t need proficient installation, yet it is portable, so it can be very well moved around the house. It’s an extraordinary choice for rehearsing your punches and kicks at home.

Our Pick – XPEED Free Standing Bag for Kickboxing

XPEED Free Standing Bag for Kickboxing

The Free-Standing Fitness Punching Bag is ideal for your home gym and a perfect choice for your solid strength-building aerobic fitness workout.

The standing punching bag is made with a durable vinyl shell and hence is long-lasting. Shock-absorbing foam is used to fill the shell making it safe for use. The base is also covered with padding for your protection while kicking.

The best part of the punching bag is that it can take any amount of force without falling over.   

Key Benefits

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Shock-absorbing 
  • Padded base for safety while kicking

Ideal for – Strength building aerobic fitness workout.

#19. Massage Gun

Massage guns are compact, handheld gadgets that resemble a power drill and sometimes, sound like one. They’re quite often wireless — most utilize a battery that can be recharged — and they accompany exchangeable attachments. 

At the point when the gun is placed on your muscles and turned on, the attached head of the gun vibrates at a high frequency and low adequacy of development, which supporters guarantee advance recovery from exercises and workout and reduce soreness.

Our Pick – Dr. Physio Supervolt Full Body Muscle Pain Relief Massage Machine Gun

Dr Physio Supervolt Go Cordless Rechargeable Portable Deep Tissue Full Body Muscle Pain Relief Massage Machine Gun

The massage gun is a Cordless Rechargeable Gun Massager. The gun is made with premium quality ABS material for long-lasting performance. The handle of the gun is very soft, comfortable, sweat-proof, and non-slippery.

You get powerful performance with a high-performance motor (4200 RPM) and rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 1800mAh. The battery of the massage gun can last up to 2-3 hours. The Power Adapter comes with a charging adapter for easy charging.

You get 6-speed settings options in the massager gun for giving your muscles a deep massage. You will get 6 detachable attachments so that you can target all body parts. The massage heads can be attached and detached very easily. 

Key Benefits

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Premium quality material for durability
  • Soft and sweat-proof material 
  • 6-speed settings
  • 6 detachable heads 

Ideal for – Powerful percussive massage therapy.

#20. Tummy Trimmer

Even though it is known as a tummy trimmer, it accomplishes more than managing the belly. A tummy trimmer is a gadget that is utilized for doing and streamlining sit-ups. It’s mostly utilized by people who need to shed some fat off the belly or waistline region; however, this machine also assists one with staying in shape. 

Since you need to pull the spring with your hands, it helps in improving your core strength by making your arms and chest more grounded. Normal utilization of a tummy trimmer will even help in conditioning your hips and thighs making it a full-body exercise gear.

Our Pick – Boldfit Tummy Trimmer for Men and Women

Boldfit Tummy Trimmer for Men and Women

The Boldfit tummy trimmer is made of high-quality plastic and springs making it durable and long-lasting. The use of double in the tummy trimmer makes it advanced and effective. 

The tummy trimmer is made with Hard Compressing Dual Springs that cannot be deformed easily. You can easily take it anywhere as the tummy tucker is lightweight less than 1 kg and portable. You can even store it easily because of its compact design.

Being equipped with a stable and strong foot plachilder this tummy trimmer is one of the best. The pedals are 360-degree rotatable. The non-slip board helps keep the trimmer in place and lets you work out comfortably.

Key Benefits

  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Equipped with double springs
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Stable and strong foot plachilder
  • Non-slip board for a firm foothold

Ideal for – Resistance workout for arms, tummy, shoulder, legs, and butts.

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Final Thought

First of all you should get a mat that will help you perform all the stretching exercises, crunches, pushups conveniently. You can perform these exercises comfortably as the mats provide cushion to you and save your body from jerks due to accidentally banging your knees or elbows.

If you are planning to set up a home gym then you may start with Dumbells. Dumbbells are beneficial in strengthening your arms and muscles. You can do multiple exercises for your legs, back, shoulders using dumbbells.

You may also go for the treadmill, one of the most popular and multipurpose equipment. A treadmill helps you get the benefit of jogging, running; you may call it a running machine. You can lose weight easily with the help of a treadmill.

You can buy a weight bench, the multipurpose bench that can be used for performing exercises like leg-pull, leg-extension, crunches. You can use this bench whatever way you want. 

If you want to lose extra fat from your tummy then you may go for a tummy trimmer. This equipment is best for trimming down inches from your tummy and along with that it helps in strengthening your core.