5 Best Aerobic Stepper In India 2022

Updated on, 21st January 2021

If you are someone who loves working out in your home, then this is the perfect tool to have in your house. An Aerobic Stepper is an effective tool for the cardiovascular system of a person. This product came into existence when people didn’t want to spend a lot of their hard-earned money on gyms and wanted inexpensive tools for pushing their heart rate up along with breaking a sweat.

5 Best Aerobic Steppers in India 2022

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#1. Strauss Aerobic Stepper


Strauss is a brand that aims to help people in developing a holistic approach towards a healthy as well as balanced and mind. The company believes in, fitness being a confidence builder and passion. According to them, expressing passion through fitness is one of the best ways to feel alive as well as remain engaged in the world.

The Strauss Aerobic Stepper is a product from the company designed to help their customers in fulfilling this goal. This product has been constructed with ABS material texture surface which is further reinforced by multiple bars as well as plates making it sturdy as well as durable and compact for a very long-lasting time.

The large and heavy-duty platform of this product and holds a maximum weight of up to eighty to ninety kgs so that the user takes his or her every step with confidence.


The stepper has been designed to protect you as well as your floor from any kind of harm. It can be used on any kind of flooring without leaving any type of scratches. The surface of this slipper is secure as well as non – slip and is perfect for your workout routine. It is made up of heavy-duty polypropylene material along with advanced injection molding technology.

The durable construction, as well as the material of this stepper, has been built to last for multiple years. The stepper is portable as well as lightweight, which makes it the ideal choice to be used at one’s home, parks, fitness classes, offices, gardens, patios, or any place outside. If you want to do specifically cardio and exercises to strengthen the lower body, then this is the best-suited product for you.


  • Made up of heavy-duty polypropylene material
  • The surface of the step platform is non – stick, non – slip and absorbs shocks
  • It has got an adjustable height
  • Designed to be perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use
  • Super comfortable to use
  • Smaller than usual
  • Sometimes pieces come loose easily
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#2. Iris Aerobic Stepper

iris Aerobic Stepper This amazing product from the house of the iris is another great option worth considering. You can step up your total body workout with this product. You can target your glutes as well as hamstrings with lunges on an alternating basis. You can also strengthen your chest as well as back with the help of adjustable position push-ups.

This is the perfect tool for helping you in boosting your workout routine as well as for losing weight. You get a secure and non – slip surface for your workout sessions. Two height adjustments can be made in this stepper. You will get stability and your floors will get protection because of the non – skid feet of this stepper.


The product has a length of 65 cm, a width of 25 cm, and a maximum raisable height of 14 cm. The non-skid feet of this product provides you with stability. It also helps in protecting the floor of the space where you are working out. You get a secure as well as a non-slipping surface for your workout routine. You can do your full-body workout with the help of this stepper.


  • Helps in a full-body workout
  • Has non-skid feet
  • Adjustable at two height levels
  • Ideal tool to boost workout
  • Ideal tool to lose weight
  • Not very sturdy
  • Poorly built
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#3. Kobo AS-3 Plastic Aerobic Step Board

Kobo AS-3 Plastic Aerobic Step Board In this step board, you get four non – skid folding feet, which can be folded according to your convenience. The ensure firm footing of the board as well as make sure that your floor doesn’t get any kind of mark. We can use it to tone our body sitting in the convenience of our home and according to our time table. This product can be used for toning your hamstrings by doing alternating lunges.


You get the adjustable heights of 15, 20, and 25 cm on this board. It has got a non-slip surface to provide you a firmer grip. The surface of this board is shock absorbent. This is an ideal equipment of toning, exercising, and fitness purpose.

It has been designed in such a way that, its feet don’t leave any kind of marks on any surface whether it be wood, carpet, or tile. It is made up of polyethylene material which gives it a sturdy as well as durable construction. It can easily support weight up to 500 pounds.


  • A great alternative for an aerobic workout
  • The adjustable workouts
  • Non-slip surface for better grip
  • Made of high-density polyethylene material
  • Can easily adjust a person of weight up to 180 kg
  • Poor construction
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#4. Kobo Imported Aerobic Step Board

Kobo Imported Aerobic Step Board This product from the house of Kobo is another Interesting product worth trying. The step board has got three adjustable heights. The construction of this production has been done using high quality as well as heavy-duty material. It can easily hold a person with a weight of up to 120 kg.


This is an adjustable height block. It has got three height levels. The three height levels are 10, 15, and 20 cm. It has got a non – slip surface for providing a safe and secure grip. The surface of this stepper is shock absorbent. It is a great product for fitness, toning, and exercise purposes. A person with a maximum weight of 120 kg can use this stepper.


  • Adjustable height block
  • Non – slip surface for safety
  • Shock absorbent surface
  • Three height level
  • Ideal for fitness, toning, and exercise
  • Rubber in the legs is not strong
  • Weak legs
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#5. ASkyl Aerobic Step Board Ab Care Rocket Stepper


This is one of the most durable products in the category. You don’t have to worry, even if you live in a small space because this stepper has been designed in such a way that it is super convenient to store. In addition to all this, it is also super lightweight as well as easy to carry and assemble.

This makes carrying it from one place to another, a very simple and easy task. This product is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor uses. It can be used for regular home use or can be carried for workout classes.

This stepper provides excellent traction on any kind of floor. The surface of this stepper is shock absorbent, non-sticky, non-slippery. Its height can be adjusted up to 15 cm.

Features The stepper has got a replacement warranty for six months. It can carry a maximum weight of 200 kg. The height of this stepper is 68 cm, width is 28.5 cm, and height can be adjusted from 10.5 – 15 cm. It comes in two colours, black and red. The stepper is super convenient to carry as well as store.


  • Six-month warranty
  • Convenient to store
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Shock absorbent surface
  • Non – slippery surface
  • Loose grip
  • Quality of stepper is average

Types of Aerobic Stepper 2022


There are different kinds of Aerobic Stepper which are designed to suit the requirement of different kinds of people. Here, we will tell you about these.

#1. The One for Health 

This is one of the most effective tools to get your lungs as well as the heart to work at an increased pace. Step aerobics makes your heart stronger and assists it in pumping blood through the body. If someone uses aerobic stepper regularly, then his or her bone health also improves.

#2. The One for Dance

Many people use aerobics Stepper to improve their dancing skills. Many of the professional dancer’s user aerobics stepper. In the beginning, it improves their balance and later it also improves their skills of dancing.

#3. The One for Overweight People 

Multiple Aerobic steppers are designed to bear an extra amount of weight. They can easily hold weight up to five hundred pounds. When someone makes a jump, then also he or she can get back in the same place. It balances very well of the ground and doesn’t let you slip. The designs of most of them are modern and they absorb shock pretty well.

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How To The Buy Best Aerobic Stepper

How To The Buy Best Aerobic Stepper

If you want to obtain the desired results, then you should know about the features which you should for while buying an Aerobic stepper. Here, we will tell you about the features that you should look out for while buying an Aerobic stepper.

#1. Price 

There are various kinds of costly as well as cheap Aerobic steppers available in the market. Although an Aerobic stepper aims to provide you with a no – expensive workout tool you shouldn’t go for a low-quality alternative just to save some money. You should buy a good quality stepper.

#2. Durability 

This is another feature that you should look for while buying an Aerobic Stepper. It is very important to know, how durable an Aerobic stepper is, before buying it. Although, there is a wide range of Aerobic steppers available in the market, you should always go for a durable one. To make sure that an aerobic stepper is durable or not, you should always check its rating well as reviews of the customer.

#3. Absorbs Shock 

To make sure that you remain safe while working out, you should go for an aerobic shopper which can absorb shocks. This is one of the chief features of an aerobic stepper as it helps the user in regaining his or her position as well as stability. So, you should decide wisely while selecting your aerobic stepper.

#4. Size

]Size is also a very important factor, which should be considered while buying an Aerobic stepper for yourself. You should make sure that the length, as well as the base of Aerobic stepper, is sufficient for the free movement of the stepper. The nature of the surface of an Aerobic stemmer should be non-slippery.

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Benefits of Aerobic Stepper

Aerobics stepper is a very good equipment for exercising if you want to do it all at home. If you don’t know much about it, here is the list of some of its benefits that you need to know before buying it.

  • The exercises that you do with aerobic steppers could help in shaping one’s gluteus. This is not possible with any other equipment.
  • The Aerobic Stepper is the only equipment needed for step aerobics. They are highly portable and can be used anywhere.
  • To burn calories while using aerobics stepper, you don’t have to do a high impact workout. This equipment does the job with low impact workouts only.
  • The workouts that could be performed with the help of aerobic steppers are very helpful in many ways. They even help in strengthening one’s thigh muscles.
  • One could perform the aerobics with the help of these steppers. These continuous movements can increase one’s heart rate. This is such an advantage, as we all know that it enhances blood circulation in the entire body.
  • The best part about this equipment and the exercises performed with the help of it is that they are highly affordable. To do so, you just need an aerobics stepper and several stairs. These stairs too are not necessary for every movement.
  • You don’t have to struggle to learn the exercises that could be performed on this machine. Step aerobics is very easy to learn and perform.

FAQs on Aerobic Stepper

Q.Can a component of extra height be used? 

Yes, an extra height component can be used. It is used the workout convenient for different kinds of people for digger gr exercises.

Q.Do aerobic steppers offer full-body workout? 

Yes, they provide a full-body workout to the users. You can target the muscles of various parts of the body.

Q.A maximum weight that can be taken by an aerobic stepper is? 

The maximum weight which can be taken by an aerobic stepper varies from model to model. There is a special category of steppers for overweight people.

Q.Does an aerobic stepper move in the process of exercising?

No, an aerobic stepper does not move in the process of exercising. It is built in such a way with it’ll keep the users safe and expert.


This is one of the most useful tools for cardio workout sessions. It is one of the most inexpensive ways of sweating out and keeping your body in check. It helps the complete body in working out. So, make sure to choose the best one and make a good investment.